Goods & Services

Goods and services are available all over the local communities. Visitors can find grocery stores, gas stations and other stores that sell day-to-day supplies. For more information on local goods and services, it is best to contact the local Chambers of Commerce.

Post Offices are located at Schoodic Peninsula, Mount Desert Island and Islesford.

In order to ensure the safety of the park visitors, the park has a strict policy regarding the possession and consumption of alcohol.

  • The possession of alcoholic beverages by a minor is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to consume alcohol in any parking lots and pull-outs, public building, and on beaches designated for swimming (Sand Beach, Echo Lake, and the shoreline of Lake Wood), is strictly not allowed.
  • It is illegal to be in the park when under influence of alcohol or any controlled substances.
  • Along the shoreline and staying within the 0.25-mile (0.4 km) radius, alcohol is prohibited of the cliff and swimming areas known as Ranger Camp, Tyson Camp, and all Cliffs located on the southeast end of the Long Pond.

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