Getting Around

Getting around Acadia National Park, it is better to plan in advance as during peak seasons, the buses can be jam-packed, which is why it would be better to bring your own car. You can also use the Island Explorer buses that provide services through June 23rd till early October.

Using the Island Explorer Buses

There are numerous bus routes available, which means that you can park your car and commute between the park destinations, the Bar harbor-Hancock County Regional Airport and other local communities. There are shuttles functioning at the park and buses that take you to the trail roads, campgrounds and carriage road entrances.

Walking and Driving

The simplest way to move around the park is to simply walk. This way, you can stop and observe the wildlife and flora and fauna. However, if you are getting tired or wish to get a ride to your destination, buses can stop for passengers along their routes if it is considered safe by the driver. The bus may stop and pick up passengers. Make sure to read information on the bus routes and schedules.

You can bring your car to drive around the park. However, make sure you avoid using the roads/tracks you are prohibited to drive on. Also, comply with the speed limits to protect the wildlife and avoid breaking the traffic rules.

Riding a Bicycle

Bikes are an interesting way of getting around Acadia National Park, especially across the trail routes. Aside from avoiding traffic during the peak seasons, it will allow you to easily stop and take pictures of the beautiful surroundings. Even better, as pedaling is slower than driving, you get to soak in the surrounding scenery.

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