Tide Pooling

If you enjoy tide pooling with your kids, then Acadia National Park is the best place to be. There are Ranger Programs and Self Guided Programs available for all visitors to the park.

Ranger Programs

Before joining a Ranger program, make sure you know the schedule of the events and the times.

  • Program Name - Life Between the Tides Program
  • Months - June, September, October
  • Location - Ship Harbor

Self-Guided Programs

Before starting a self-guided program, make sure that you know the times and locations.

Location 1 - Bar island Sand Bar – Accessible off Bridge Street for 1 hour and 30 minutes on both sides of the low tide
Location 2 - Wonderland and Ship Harbor – Western side of the Mount Desert Island

It is important when going tide pooling to check the tide chart of the area. The best times for tide-pooling are when the tide is extremely low during the new and full moon.

Tips and Safety

Please take care of the marine animals. Careless footsteps and handling can cause damage that is worse than the tide. There are safety tips that all tide-pooling folks need to keep in mind in order to protect marine life.

  • Watch your step. Rocks and algae are slippery.
  • Take only pictures. All living creatures are protected in the park.
  • All animals should be recovered if you find any under rocks or seaweed.
  • Be careful where you place your feet, sea creatures are everywhere.
  • Do not pry animals from rocks. You may injure them in the process.
  • If you move animals or rocks, return them to the same spot.
  • Do not sit or wade in tide-pools.
  • Wear suitable clothing and closed-toe shoes
  • Never turn your back on the ocean. Rogue waves can occur at any time.

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