Horseback Riding

Horse riding is a pleasure at Acadia National Park with its 45-mile long rustic carriage roads that weave around the valleys and mountains of the park. Majority of the roads are open for horseback riding and carriage rides. Make sure that you have a map of the park with you when trailing on horseback to better identify the roads, routes and trails where horseback riding is permitted.

Horse riding is prohibited on the Eagle Lake loop of the carriage road system except between junctions #7 and #8, Paradise Hill loops and Witch Hole Pond of the carriage roads. Hiking trails, off routes, and on motor roads when open to vehicular traffic.

Horseback riding is allowed on the following routes, roads and trails:

  • The following unpaved roads: Valley Cove Fire Road, Man-O’-War Brook Fire Road, Marshall Brook Fire Road, and Hio Fire Road
  • All established crosswalks and Carriage Roads (Except the ones mentioned above)
  • Within the limits of the Wildwood Stables area
  • When motor vehicle roads are closed for all vehicular traffic

Safety tips in accordance with the park’s rules and regulations for anyone riding a horse are as follows:

  • Do not block parking lot access
  • When parked in pa parking lot, please clean up after your horse
  • During winter, cross-country ski tracks are off-limits for horseback riding
  • Park horse trailers at Wildwood Stables and Brown Mountain Parking lot

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