Acadia National Park offers great trails and roads for hiking. It is important that all hikers get a map and brochure of the park. This way you will know the trails that have been specifically made for hikers. You will also minimize the chances of losing track of where you are and where you need to go. There are historic hiking trails in Acadia, which can be trailed on the maps and brochures.


When going on foot, make sure that the weather is good enough for a safe hiking trip. Keep in mind that there is limited access during the winter season. If you are thinking of hiking in the winter, make sure you plan ahead. Equip yourself with all the necessary gear.

You can start your hiking by first stopping by the visitor center or a ranger station for information. Acadia’s weather is unpredictable as a warm sunny day can turn into a rain/wind storm without warning. There are many commercial businesses that are permitted to offer guided hikes in Acadia National Park.

Conditions may change unexpectedly and suddenly. There may be wildlife activity, high waters and fires, incoming rain or snowstorm. It is recommended that you do not hike alone, carry plenty of water, raincoat, warm hat, sunscreen and insect repellent and a first aid kit.

Picnic Areas

Hikers can go for a picnic at the following spots that have been specifically allocated for those wanting to eat under the open sky.

  • Thompson Island: 46 tables, 44 fireplaces
  • Fabbri: 23 tables and fireplaces
  • Bear Brook: 35 tables, 30 fireplaces
  • Pretty Marsh: 11 tables, 8 fireplaces
  • Seawall: 14 tables, 12 fireplaces
  • Frazer Point (Schoodic): 26 tables, 22 fireplaces

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