The Acadia National Park has a wide range of activities to keep you entertained on your trip. Here are the details on a few:

Bicycling: If you are planning a bicycling trip inside Acadia National Park, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Please know that there are established designated routes, public carriage roads and parking areas. Bicycling is not allowed on privately owned carriage roads and hiking trails. READ MORE

Bird Watching: There are more than 48 different species of birds in and around Acadia National Park. It is a heaven for bird lovers as each species of a particular bird had more subspecies present in the park as well. READ MORE

Boating: There are a number of ponds and lakes that allow boating at Mount Desert Island. Each water body has its own rules and regulations, which is why anyone planning a boating trip needs to familiarize themselves with the park’s boating locations and their laws. READ MORE

Climbing: Acadia National Park allows climbers to have an unforgettable rock climbing experience. However, it is important to take all the necessary precautions and safety measures beforehand. Climbers are responsible for their personal safety. Evaluate all rappel stations on the routes before climbing. READ MORE

Fishing: Acadia National Park is open to fishing from the start of April and all the way through to September. However, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the park before going on a fishing trip. READ MORE

Hiking: Acadia National Park offers great trails and roads for hiking. It is important that all hikers get a map and brochure of the park. This way you will know the trails that have been specifically made for hikers. You will also minimize the chances of losing track of where you are and where you need to go. There are historic hiking trails in Acadia, which can be trailed on the maps and brochures. READ MORE

Horseback Riding: Horse riding is a pleasure at Acadia National Park with its 45-mile long rustic carriage roads that weave around the valleys and mountains of the park. Majority of the roads are open for horseback riding and carriage rides. Make sure that you have a map of the park with you when trailing on horseback to better identify the roads, routes and trails where horseback riding is permitted. READ MORE

Leaf Peeping: Fall is the perfect season to witness and explore Acadia National Park’s explosion of colors in the beautiful forests. The month of October is the best time to see the fall colors. Photographers and painters can capture nature’s beauty at its peak during the fall season. READ MORE

Scenic Driving: There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than a scenic drive at Acadia National Park. With roads offering amazing coastal, mountain ranges and forest views, there are sections of the road that are open throughout the year for your driving pleasure. READ MORE

Swimming: There are two beaches at Acadia National Park are open during summer for swimming. They are staffed with lifeguards as most lakes and ponds are used for supplying clean drinking water to the public. Wading, swimming and pets are not allowed inside these waters. All regulations must be respected. READ MORE

Tide Pooling: If you enjoy tide pooling with your kids, then Acadia National Park is the best place to be. There are Ranger Programs and Self Guided Programs available for all visitors to the park. READ MORE

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