Lighthouse and National Park Tour

Take the fast-sailing 90 foot jet-powered catamaran, The Bay King III, for a tour of five beautiful island lighthouses and a historic life station with plenty of time for exploration and photos.

You’ll cruise among Acadia’s coastal islands including Otter Cliffs, Sand Beach, Champlain Mountain, and Thunder Hole while the tour guide tells fascinating stories of French explorers, Acadia founder George Dorr, and all about Maine’s legendary lighthouses, light keepers, ghosts and more. The tour will take you along the old Bar Harbour mansions of the Ford, Rockefeller, and Pulitzer families; as well as the estates of newer residents like Martha Stewart.

The ride along the coast is fantastic and the boat sails up close by the estates making for a terrific photo ops. You’ll see five different lighthouses while listening to the friendly, informative narration of the tour guides. You may even be surprised by seeing one of the islands swarming with seals. Many of the area lighthouses are unreachable by car, except for the island lighthouse that can be driven to, but is further away.

The trip offered ample opportunity to photograph each lighthouse as the boat slows at each site, making picture taking easy, even though a rocking boat can be difficult at times. If you want amazing pictures, try to get your hands on a DSLR camera to balance out the rocky and vibrating boat.

It is a great 3 hour trip on the ocean, enjoy the fresh air, and remember that if you’re on topside of the boat, you may receive a blast of ocean spray. Be sure to dress warmly as well, despite summer temperatures that range in the 80s on shore, temperatures drop quickly on the water. Try to get a seat or standing place along the right side of the boat because that’s where all the sights will be when touring the park. The boat does turnaround so the other side can have great views, but you’ll find that overall picture taking is better on the right side.

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