Atlantic Brewing Company

The Atlantic Brewing Company began as Acadia Brewing Company in 1990 the Lompoc Cafe in downtown Bar Harbor and had a maximum capacity of just one barrel at a time.

Within a few years, the demand for Acadia beers had grown, eventually moving to their current location on the Knox Road, a 19th century Maine farmstead. Built on a ten acre Maine farm, the property was designed to create an experience where visitors could learn about small-scale beer production in a country setting. The grounds house our production facilities, gift shop and the Mainely Meat BBQ – where the full line of Atlantic Brewing beers is available on tap.

Each summer, the brewery offers tours at 2, 3, and 4pm each day. The tour is very interesting and you’ll learn everything you need to know about hop, the different types of hops, and how various beers and ales are made. The tour lays the groundwork for the tasting by discussing the issues relating to hops and other ingredients that vary the taste of the beers.

You’ll learn about a number of varieties, from pale ale and blueberry and ginger flavored ales, to thick Scottish ale. Needless to say, their ales are deliciously flavored, their malts and hops are imported from England, and they use water from Town Hill, Maine well. The staff is knowledgeable and fun, and they have a nice gift shop where you can purchase additional six-packs to take home for friends and family. You can even buy a sampler pack to bring home for further tasting.

The brewery even has a shady playground for the kids, and non-alcoholic specialty drinks like blueberry soda and root beer. The brewery’s site is beautiful and heavily forested, so you’ll enjoy walking the grounds. The free tasting is also wonderful and you’ll have a range of 6 to 8 beers to choose from.

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