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Acadia National Park is the place to ‘lo and behold’ your senses. Everywhere you go, nature’s beauty stares you right in the eye. If this is what you want then you need to start planning a trip to Acadia National Park. It is one of the most amazing natural parks in the US, full of magnificent scenery that will give you an adventure of a lifetime. There are so many things to see and do, like lodging, hiking, fishing, boating, whale sighting and so much more.

You can spend a lifetime exploring the many sites of Acadia National Park and even then you will not be satisfied with the beauty of the park.

Tips for a Good/Safe Trip

The first and most important thing you need to do when planning is to decide in advance where, when and for how long you wish to stay. You can book a site for camping. Even though camps will not be as comfortable, they are the best way to experience the outdoorsy lifestyle. It will be a different kind of experience.

If you don’t pack properly, you are sure to ruin your experience. If you plan on hiking and doing some serious walking through the park, bring shoes that are sturdy, water–resistant and are built for such types of situations. Some trails can be messy and muddy. Remember that Acadia National Park is spread over different small islands. Bring lots of water, insect repellants and a first-aid kit. It can get really chilly at night and warm during the day so bring a backpack with extra clothes to adjust with the weather changes.

Acadia National Park is a Go for All Seasons!

Unlike most parks, the Acadia National Park is a spectacle to behold during its opening seasons. You can enjoy a completely unique adventure in every season. However, there will still be something amazing that you may miss and you can visit it the next time you come to Acadia National Park.

Places To Go

Acadia National Park is one of the few parks in the world that gives its visitors an ocean shoreline, mountains, woodlands, and lakes. The most amazing place to go is the Mount Desert Island and parks within the park that include Isle au Haut, a small portion of the Schoodic Peninsula and Baker Island. The park is spread across a total of 47,000 acres, of which Mount Desert Island covers more than 30,000 acres, Isle au Haut covers 2,728 acres and Schoodic Peninsula covers 2,366 acres. READ MORE

Getting Around

Getting around Acadia National Park, it is better to plan in advance as during peak seasons, the buses can be jam-packed, which is why it would be better to bring your own car. You can also use the Island Explorer buses that provide services through June 23rd till early October. READ MORE

Hotels, Motels, Cottages and Inns

If you are planning to spend a few days or weeks at Acadia National Park, you need to decide on a place to spend the night or day, for resting. You can book yourself a room in a hotel, motel, inn or cottages. Acadia does not lack in quality or quantity when it comes to accommodations. You can get a modern living facility to give yourself a more comfortable abode as compared to camping in the woods. However, this does not mean that the lodges or camps are not good places to stay because they have been built with comfort and even luxury in mind. READ MORE


Maine is the largest supplier of blueberries in the US. Almost 99% of all blueberries are produced in Maine and the people here make the best blueberry-flavor dishes in the world. Experience the flavor of Maine’s unique blueberry cakes, pies and compotes. The restaurants here serve the freshest sea food as this area is the hub of fishing. These alone make the trip to Acadia National Park worthwhile. To enjoy Acadia’s amazing food, visit its top ten best places to eat. READ MORE

The Acadia Adventure

You can spend a life time exploring Acadia’s natural beauty as it is one of the very few parks in the world that gives its visitors an ocean shoreline, mountains, woodlands, and lakes. Spread across a total of 47,000 acres, Acadia is the place to be if you are looking for an adventure across mountains and forests. Plan a trip to the Mount Desert Island. It’s a park within the park and includes Isle au Haut, a small portion of the Schoodic Peninsula and Baker Island. READ MORE

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