Natural Features & Ecosystems

One of the many reasons why the founding fathers of Acadia National Park went through all the difficulties was to ensure the preservation of the natural ecosystem of this land of Maine. The park presents its visitors ample opportunities to explore and view the beauty of it beautiful natural wonders.

Visitors coming to Acadia National Park will find no lack of natural and scientific activities. There are private and commercial activities that take you around the park showing you the different ecological spots of the park.

Visitors can feast their eyes to the natural beauty of the land by visiting the following parts of the park:

  • Beaches
  • Mountains
  • Ponds and Lakes
  • Geologic Formations
  • Forests
  • Wetlands, Swamps, and Marshes
  • Intertidal and Sub-tidal Zones
  • Coasts and Shorelines

Acadia National park is one of the very few parks in the world that offers its visitors an ocean shoreline, mountains, woodlands, and lakes. The most amazing place to go is the Mount Desert Island and parks that include Isle au Haut, a small portion of the Schoodic Peninsula and Baker Island.

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