Fun Facts

  • South West Harbor is among Maine’s top ten commercial fishing harbors.
  • The water of the sand beach mostly stays below 55 degrees and consists of seas urchin skeletons and crushed seashells.
  • The light of the Lighthouse Bass Harbor has never been turned off since 1858 and has been guiding mariners since then.
  • Seven major motion pictures have been shot here between the years 1916 and 1921.
  • Of all the places in the United States, the peak of the Cadillac Mountain is the first spot where the sun’s rays hit.
  • In 1925, Henry Ford’s son built the Skylands summer estate located in Seal Harbor. The estate is owned today by Martha Stewart.
  • The coast of Maine is believed by geologists to have been formed approximately 550 million years ago.
  • The Mount Desert Island is the third largest island off the coast of the continental United States measuring 107.77 square miles.
  • If the coast of Maine is stretched in a straight line, it will start from the southern tip of Florida and go all the way up to the northern most tip of Maine.
  • The mountain ridges of the park are shaped as ice cream cones.
  • If you are lucky, you can view the Humpback whales surfacing near the coast.

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