Who is the current director of the NPS?

The current director of the National Park Services is Jonathan B. Jarvis

Which government agency is responsible for overlooking the National Park Service?

All operations are directly overseen by the Department’s Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks. The National Park Services is a bureau of the Department of Interior.

When was the National Park Service created?

On August 25th, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the act that created the National Park Service.

Is Acadia National Park overlooked by the National Park Service?

Yes, Acadia National Park and all other national parks are under the administration of the National Park Service.

Where is the location of Acadia National Park? How far is it from the nearest city?

Acadia National Park is located along the coast of Maine on Mount Desert Island. The distance from the nearest city of Boston is 264 miles whereas the distance is 50 miles from Bangor, Maine.

Do I require a car to visit the park?

There are Island Explorer Shuttle Buses operating throughout the months of June till October. Visit the Island Explorer website for more information about the stops and any specific details. Even though a car is not required, you can bring your own for your convenience.

Are pets allowed inside the park?

Pets are allowed only if you can ensure that they will be attended and leashed at all times. Please make sure that you don’ take your pet into a ‘No Pet’ area.

Does Acadia allow camping and hiking?

Yes, camping and hiking are allowed. There are designated spots for camping and trails for hiking.

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