Acadia National Park is the place to ‘lo and behold’ your senses. Everywhere you go, nature’s beauty stares you right in the eye. If this is what you want then you need to start planning a trip to Acadia National Park. It is one of the most amazing natural parks in the US, full of magnificent scenery that will give you an adventure of a lifetime. If you are planning to visit Acadia National Park, get ready to enjoy a mixture of natural beauty and a set of activities that stimulate you both physically and mentally. Read More…

Plan Your Visit

Vail Mountain Plan
You can spend a lifetime exploring the many sites of Acadia National Park and even then you will not be satisfied with the beauty of the park.
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History & Culture

Vail Mountain History
Acadia National Park has a rich history and culture dating back to its creation in 1919, then named Lafayette National Park.
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Nature & Science

Nature & Science
Acadia National Park with its abundant wildlife and plant life offers researchers ample opportunities to work in peace and tranquility.
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Did you know

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